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ThatDamnDog25 September 2013 – The drivers that keep artists going vary from creative to creative, but the underlying marker remains the same – recognition. Art school doesn’t give anyone the right to be called an artist, so earning the right through participation in as many economically viable ‘group shows’ is the battlefield many opt for.
Graffiti, Street Art or Urban Art – call it what you like – is however a different kettle of fish. Street Art isn’t a cheap thrill – it’s expensive.Working a 3-metre wall often weighs-in at upwards of a ton or more (upwards of £100) depending on how it’s done. Of course there’s good, bad and downright ugly in everything – Street Art is no exception.


One annoying thing about Street Art is deciphering tags – personally I reckon plaques should be the new order of the day, with 200 word rationales about the work sitting proudly alongside the late-night offering.
BeagleMenuHeck, I’m still trying to figure out who’s dogging all over Shoreditch? For me it’s like that farmyard cock that crows whenever it feels like it and not just last thing at night or first thing in the morning.
It’s annoying because the one outside Hoxton station on the side former Marquis of Lansdowne pub doesn’t have a steaming stack of pooh under it, which I hope has nowt to do with it facing the rather swanky Beagle bar and restaurant. I mean who’d want to see an angry ‘arty’ dog standing over hot pooh while browsing the menu? Although I reckon there’s nothing patrons might like more than that to get the full authentic flavour of the area.
I know I would.

So whoever owns that damn dog? We need to have words! I love it!

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