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Nikon Cam until Aug 20 2013 91408 SEPT 2013 – SUMMER IS officially over and we had a good time at our Random Acts of Artistry 2 show. But that was August and we’re almost mid-way through Septemebr with so much to do before 2013 slips out and 2014 forces its way in.


Random Acts marked a full 18 months of Guerilla Galleries and its LHB39 alter-ego’s adventures in the Art game, and it’s been an interesting ride. Our PR & marketing crew have been doing the crunching and figure we’ve worked with loads of artist since rolling out with OBSERVATION in January 2013. We’ve since produced a handful of memorable shows since including; REVEAL an outing for our choice student artists of 2012; 100% NUDE; Random Acts of Artistry; ART & PROTEST; and Random Acts of Artistry 2: The Big Art Show.
Reveal show posterWe’re going to endeavour to list all the wonderful artists we’ve worked with, so forgive us if you’re not on the list, since as we get older we tend to forget.


Here are just some of the artists we have been in league with; Rajpar Shah, Deborah Taylor, Nicholas Baldion, Selma Dahoukki, Irene Godfrey, Caroline Truss, Elliot Baggot, Tom O’Ryan, Orinthia Tyrell, Praise Kim, Jennifer Harris, Pauline Berry, Francesco Benenato, Bobby Sayers, Pouka, Piluca, Jessica Suarez, Randolph Hoyte, Gareth Morgan, Keeley Wynn, Mark Campbell, Hock Tee Tan, Lizzie Stevens, Anna K Halsall, Julian Segura-Pacheco, Micaela Mysakova, Charlotte Ratcliffe, iCon, Gareth Morgan, The Krah, Kay Dudman, Nicola Anthony, Helen Latham, Angela Chalmers, Marisa Confortola, Jeanie Mester, David Agenjo, Miranda Sofroniou, Cloe Cloherty, Laurie Felipe and the list goes on.
BlackArt&Protest500pxDavid Vigor, Pouka, Pilar Camino Alcon, Binty Bint, Elizabeth Roman, Don Julian, Alex becker, Abstract Angels, Gee Street Artist, Leanna Broadbent, Jay Cuthbertson, Jeanie Mester, Laurie Felipé, Theresa de Swiet, Ben Mellor, Dan Fox, David Folan, Miguel Ivorra, Natasha Porter, Ashley Reaks, Paula O’Connell, Sara Sutton, Noriko Michigami, Nigel Porter, Nathan Hawthorne, Rachel Mower, Matthew Chapman, Peter White, Marta Lapillo and Jean-Luc Almond.


The Guerilla Art War wagon rolls on and we’re looking to continue with our deep and meaningful incursions into new territories, spaces, walls, cupboards, street corners and tents. With the expansion comes more opportunities to do more stuff with more like-minded people – arty or not – so shout us if you want in on our movements (not those kind of movements). Orinthia02NUDEWe’ll be openning-up a few new spaces in the months ahead and trying a few ‘different’ things too.

We would have said ‘new’ or even used the term unprecendented, but the last time we did we were battered by one of our peers for even suggesting that anything in the art world could be new, innovative and unprecendented – heck, I guess we’re all copying and regurgitating stuff we’ve seen elsewhere anyway. So stop me if you’ve seen this all before and we’ll see you all come the glorious revolution!

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