Thatcher – snatch her while you can . . .

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Thatcher Snatcher by Ben MellorBack in the day when you used to call a spade a spade and things were proper black and white, we knew where we stood. Johnny Rotten was rotten, the rozzers would thump you in the back of a van and the government . . . well they were . . . Maggie. We rocked against racism, we fought the powers and kicked against the pricks. Fast forward 20-odd years Maggie Thatcher is now dead and buried, god rest her soul…Johnny is selling butter, masquerading as landed gentry, the rozzers are now pigs and only beat you up beyond the gaze of CCTV.

Not that we are getting on the Maggie bandwagon but . . .  we are . Ben Mellor, a child of the 80’s has produced ‘Snatcher Thatcher‘ in homage to those good old days and available to purchase online. See more art at our online catalogue and there’s even more Maggie than you can shake a stick at.





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