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JayGetsBrainwashed15 May 2013 – So the TreeHouse troop are deep in conversation with the six-foot and beyond Mr Jay Pacer CEO of Art Under The Hood. Up at Guerilla Galleries HQ he sits with chewing the fat with Toucha Guerilla (that’s me) planning a summer incursion deep in the heart of Hoxton.
Pacer’s project allows both aspiring street artist and established artist equal footing on what is becoming an ever-crowded platform. It’s proving so popular he’s inundated with requests to have his popular Cremer Street/Hackney Road graced by Urban Art Scene royalty – and Jay (pictured left with Mr Brainwash) knows them all. Guerilla Galleries is guilty by association, and happily so. We’re practically next door neighbours. Our Binty Bint (yes, we’d very much like to claim her, even though we know we can’t) and the prolific Mr Gee Street are frequent visitors to the foot of Cremer Street. It was only going to be a matter of time before we got pulled into the Urban vortex that exists down there. And now it looks like we’re in there for good and the upshot of it all is a summer extravaganza that will have true art lovers salivating all the way to steps of Shoreditch House.
…could Guerilla Galleries being taking it’s heady stir-fried mix of  contemporary art and stuff out onto the road under the steady guidance of Art Under The Hood and its army of urban art warriors? Hmmm, watch this space and get your ticket….maybe…nuff said!

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