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Angle-finder28 Mar 2013 – The phone rings and there’s an excited voice on the other end. They’re anxious to come up to the Shoreditch TreeHouse to meet the Guerilla Galleries troop. They’ve heard loads about us and our antics and would ‘just love to get involved’.
STOP if you’ve heard all this before but most folk starting out in this game will at some stage get ‘the call’. BUT my question is what’s the angle?
UNLESS you’re a city banker, a member of parliament (European parliament especially) or born with a silver spoon up your pooh-pooh, you’re not gonna be getting something for nothing. There’s no such thing as a free lunch my old governor George John used to say. The same is true in this weird world of Art – everybody’s got an angle. Remember you heard it here first.
…and speaking of angles, I was up the Daniel Libeskind Space in Islington planning our next show with Mega Wynnie. All its street-facing walls are irregularly angled, so it occurred to us after a whole year of trying to improve our hanging technique to measure these walls using the builder’s tool (pictured left).
If only we could find a tool to measure the sincerity and depth of the cold-calling artists folk who’d ‘just love to get involved’. Hmmmmm!

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