by David Vigor (2013) / Acrylic on canvas / 35 x 46cm.

Audrey is a captivating piece in which the artist manages to depict the famous actress of Hollywood’s Golden Age in stunning detail, making his work align to both Pop Art and Photorealism. In this portrait Audrey Hepburn stares out of the canvas directly at the viewer, in this captivating piece by the newly recruited Guerilla Galleries artist Vigor. The former is denoted by the widespread cultural appeal that Hepburn continues to have as an icon of the silver screen, and Photorealism (which grew out of the original 1960s Pop Art movement) refers to the style in which artists attempt to make their work as detailed as a photograph. In this work, Vigor has focused solely on Hepburn’s face, with her much-admired wide eyes as the focal point.

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