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SUR-PRIZE: Art that we remember with a unique and different element19 JUN 2014 – IDEAS CAN BE TERRIBLE when it comes down to devising arty things like shows and exhibitions. There’s only so much shit canning, unmade beds, elephant dung canvases and babies any one artist can eat in their creative lifetime, which can be short if you don’t play your cards right.


But how do you trump any of that? Seriously, do you do a Milo Moiré and stand on a one-metre platform and drop paint-filled eggs from your virgina onto a canvas? Or perhaps be like Deborah De Robertis and reveal a magnificent lady-garden to an unsuspecting audience viewing Gustav Courbet’s 19th century classic oil The Origin of the World.
That artists need to shock to get noticed is a reoccurring discussion during artist fireside chats. The question is, how far do artists have to go? Were there an end of the world there’d be an artist perched on the edge poised and waiting to ‘do the different’.
CanThatShitQUOTEDaring to be different can be one thing but having raised the standard keeping that banner boldly aloft is another. Audiences will forever argue the merits of one art installation over another, and new & emerging artists will continually throw caution to the wind, daring to do above and beyond, going the extra mile to produce the amazingly ‘different’ piece that isn’t always as different as they originally planned but seems contrived and contradictory to whatever the reason they created it in the first place was.


So how do you maintain that edge, assuming that you had one in the first place? Well not worrying about others think is one way forward, as is being totally insular and selfish another way. Not that creativity should be compared to war, but if your reasoning for doing something was for example: “I was only following orders,” have the conviction and integrity to add, “…and I like following orders”, or words to that effect.
So if you’re ever stuck in a quandary over the art of different just admit, that you wanted to create something that shocked and it wasn’t an accident that it turned out the way it did.
Now excuse me while I get the bell jar and plinth ready for my polished turd.

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