In search of funds? Play to the crowds

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Crowdfunding01 Aug 2014 – Imagine you are on the cusp of landing one million pounds and you’re offered the opportunity to phone a friend or ask the audience. Any number of variables such as which end of the Christmas Card list you currently occupy could determine whether you holiday in St.Tropez or Skegness. Is this the nature of the phenomena that is Crowdfunding art?
When you’re brassick (skint) there are no easy ways to ask those you know and those you don’t for a fiver or more. While what you’re asking for isn’t quite a BBC Blue Peter appeal assist the needy or rescue Boat People, the question remains how do you ask? And, if you’ve never asked before how do you get it right?
From the year dot, it’s been the Guerilla Galleries way to just do it. Yeah, we despise massive corporations such as NIKE – although their massed produced cross trainers are pretty comfortable – but their ‘Just Do It’ slogan is the bomb and something even we subscribe to.
As a not-for-profit art concern it’s the ‘just doing it’ on a non-existent budget that has seen us through the last years and made the exercise more of an adventure. Plus we’ve had no end of support, good will, sacrifice, favours and risk-taking from mates, mates-of-mates, family, friends, associates and just good people.
So in reality resorting to Crowdfunding is more like sharing the fun with people outside our Guerilla family, it’s an invitation to ‘others’ who have missed out on the ride to get in on a rather full-on roller coaster ride that has seen us exhibit some real quality artistic talent and produce some pretty impressive shows such as REVEAL, 100% NUDE, Urban Life, Random Acts, Escape to Happiness and ART & PROTEST amongst others.
But whether people do or don’t, there’s never any harm in asking…or is there?

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