Ready to inhale Mr President?

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Obama Punk'd by Gee 'Street' Higgins @ Guerilla Galleries LondonWE LIKE OUR HERBS on pizza and in salads. Others like to roll and spark-up. But when the President of the United States says it’s ok, to do the latter can we argue?
It is true Obama says marijuana is less dangerous than alcohol, and NO he wasn’t recalling his days as a carefree days as a youngster chilling out on those Hawaiian beaches with a bevy of grass-skirt-wearing hula girls.


The US Commander in Chief has been depicted in loads of different ways since his rise to power. His depiction by the Urban artist Shepard Fairey helped in capturing the imagination of millions of voters, hopeful of a change in political status quo.
Whether anything has changed in the lives of American citizens or people globally as a result of the man who promised change is one for history to decide. Obama fron Family Guy
Yet the political observer in us somehow reckon London artist Gee ‘Street’ Higgins may be spot on in this four painting series Obama Punk’d.
And although it might be hard right now to figure out who has being Punk’d all should become clear when the purple haze and smoke screen of political huffing and puffing has cleared. Or is that just a pipedream?

Oops sorry!

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