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The Daniel Libeskind Space, Islington, London25 MARCH 2013 – Guerilla Galleries raises a placard to protesters everywhere with the forthcoming show ART & PROTEST scheduled for Wednesday 3 April to Friday 5 April 2013 at Islington’s Daniel Libeskind Space.

The three-day show promises fresh perspectives, sharp insight and brutal honesty from some of the best new artists around as they seek to examine protests past and present, from the miners’ strike of the 80s to the anti-globalisation protests of today.

Guerilla Galleries’ spokesperson Ruth Howe said: “There is more than one dimension to protest. There’s an unseen outpouring of emotion and passion seldom captured by the traditional media of newspapers, TV and radio.

“It’s not all about politics, but about the interpretation of the ideas, ideals, beliefs, views and opinions worth shouting about. Art and Protest hopefully captures the essence of dissent: the essential truth that lives on long after the glass has been swept from the streets and the placards and slogans have been recycled.”

Included in the 25-artist group show are Dr Bingo Bongo, Caroline Truss, Ben Mellor, Charlotte Ratcliffe, Gee Street Artist, Binty Bint, Miguel Ivorra, Piluca, Pouka, Angela Chalmers, Randolph Hoyte, Gareth Morgan, Carl Hoare, Reza Moradi, Paula O’Connell and Nicholas Baldion with a installation featuring more than 11 pieces paying tribute the 1984 strike.

Baldion said: “This exhibition is as much about now as it is about 1984, the strike is a part of our history. Today we are facing new attacks on living standards – perhaps the spirit and the militant traditions of the miners should be evoked.”

In true revolutionary fashion, the Shoreditch-based gallery delivers ART & PROTEST as a high impact show, presented over three distinctive evenings. Viewers will also be given the opportunity to participate as the guerrillas bring ‘free speech’ to life via an open soapbox installation.

Howe said: “At Guerilla Galleries we believe in doing things differently.”

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