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NAME YOUR PRICE18 November 2013 – A fellow gallery had a right old-fashioned go at us for suggesting NAME YOUR PRICE or punters bidding on art was an ‘unprecedented move for a gallery’. I guess it was for them when they started doing it ‘ages before we did‘ and it definitely was for us when we followed suit.
We’re of the opinion that with so much great original art about people should at least own an original piece that isn’t a framed picture of your teenager nappy-less at six-months-old on a fluffy rug. Trust us, the longer you display that on your mantle the longer they’ll resent you.


Whilst we’re totally into the NAME YOUR PRICE routine we wouldn’t go as far devaluing the work by giving it away. As a gallery we’re happy to take a hit on our commission than have an artist get nowt or well below average for work they’ve poured their heart and soul into – because that’s what your getting, your actually getting an intimate slice of artist creativity when you snaffle a piece of original art whether by this method or at auction.
Joan of Arc a portrait By Robert CzibiAnd considering we’ve seen some galleries touting work at below paper price, you shouldn’t be embarrassed to put in a bid, especially as Christmas and the season of giving is around the corner. But in the spirit of goodwill and peace to all men & women a handful of notes will really warm the cockles.

Call or Text +44 (0) 7902 019648 to place a bid on any item from the Guerilla Galleries Catalogue. All offers considered.

1. Search the catalogue
2. Identify the piece you’d like
3. Text a cash offer
4. We’ll get back to you sharpish

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