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But it’s not cheesy…

Guerilla Galleries’ Laura Bernert took a sneaky cross-channel peek at what our French neighbours.
The jury remains out on digital art and where it stands globally but on a staid traditionalist French scene the mood is changing. Last summer in Paris at La Gaîté Lyrique, a place for so long devoted to operetta, the circus and boulevard theatre electronic music, video, design, architecture, fashion, interactive theater, animation and games have found a home.
As a new digital cultural center it aspires to be unique and a constant stream of projections, sound installations and light games makes sure visitors are reminded at every turn. A ground floor that centuries previous housed a 60-musicians orchestra, now hosts video games past and present and a library filled with new media, technology, art and design publications. On the top floor is a bar equipped with nine screens near a state-of-the-art multimedia studio. And for the geeks the amusement concept store next door offers all the latest gadget and technology.



With its 19th century facade, La Gaîté Lyrique offers a transversal approach to the virtual world with its eclectic almost psudeo intellectual forced-fed cramming of all things digital into this once palatial setting. The place also offers the decryption keys to age of digital creation with conferences, workshops and a resources center all under its hallowed dome.
If France wanted to silence its knockers who have classed it as slow when compared to others such as the US and the MIT lab stuff in Boston, London’s Onedotzero, Germany’s ZKM, and Rotterdam’s V2 Institute for the unstable media, Netherlands, La Gaîté Lyrique will make them think again.

For more on La Gaîté Lyrique visit: http://www.gaite-lyrique.net/en.

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