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London Metro cutting p20 20 March 201320 MAR 2013 – So I just saw this in the London Metro this morning and wondered when the day would come someone would be stealing my shit – meaning that I’m hoping that sometime soon my shit would be worth enough for people to want to steal it.
The other day bandits robbed ICELAND in Wood Green, north London of a priceless BANKSY. C’mon people please! So what does a person need to do? I’m no Banksy – although I wouldn’t mind the notoriety, but I don’t want to be dead like Degas, Manet, Vermeer or Rambrandt before being worth £330m.

My mate POUKA reckons it is artists and creatives who change the world, not those shit-arse politicians and whilst I’m inclined to agree with him, perhaps the only way I’m going to change the world in the next few days if I can creatively find a way to bitch-slap some sense into David Cameron and his poodle Clegg or better still find someone to buy the dusty canvases that has been sitting under my stairs for 23 years courtesy of some American friends. Pssst…but don’t tell the Feds!

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