Neighbourhood Watch

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We may not have our official detective badges yet, but I’m fairly certain we did a pretty good job last week Thursday exploring almost all the galleries within and around Shoreditch. Challenged by a world that existed outside our TreeHouse HQ, Rachel and I made our first stop at Seventeen, a gallery only two doors down with its own little universe in the form of an underground exhibition. Of course it arouNEIGHBOURHOOD WATCHsed our curiosity, but I kid you not within a few minutes we felt a foaming-at-the-mouth urgency to escape! NB: dark, underground basements with dim lights are probably not the most inviting atmosphere for an art installation.

Luckily our luck improved with Pure Evil, which despite being similar in physical floor-plan to Seventeen, had a much more welcoming environment, with the wall spaces perfectly complemented to the pieces displayed. Gritty, provocative, and full of character, their underground gallery felt almost authentic to the studio of the artist himself. Triple points for the disco ball incidentally placed in the corner of the room, the tenacious use of bright colours very similar to the work of our very own Jessica Suarez matched their unorthodox methods of displaying artwork, strategically distributed not only on the walls but against the ground. Definitely one of our favourites. We took the liberty of ranking each of them out of 5, Kemistry, Rivington Place and KK Outlet were amongst the other galleries we visited which topped our lists.

All in all a productive afternoon; 20 galleries, 16 reviews and a dead iPhone battery later, we don’t think we’ll be venturing too far from home anytime soon!

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