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The-Adoration-of-the-Cage-Fighters_2012-FULL24 SEPT 2013 – If any artist when asked who is the greatest living artist, doesn’t looked dazed, confused, insulted and equally befuffled isn’t really an artist. It’s true!
Obviously it’s a trick question, because everyone should know it’s me. The ArtFund – the fundraising charity that helps galleries and museums snaffle ‘good’ stuff for the benefit of the wider public – are asking, having short-listed ten. Unsurprisingly my name or the names of some of the real folk I have come to know and love wasn’t on the list. No Pouka, Piluca, Alex Becker, iCON, Binty, Elizabeth Roman, Eliza FreeSpirit or even Randolph Hoyte. And then there’s Angela Chalmers, Gareth Morgan, Keeley Wynn, Selma Dahhouki and so many more they’ve ignored. But while they have included the lovely Grayson Perry (pictured below right) what about the rest?
And, what does it mean?


2012_07_artfund_logo2If like me you hate having people talk down to you, then you’d know why I’d happily raise my finger to whoever compiled the list of 12 artists we should both know and love – one obviously more than the others. Greyson Perry ©Des Willie for Sky Arts

When talking to me my mum always used to mess about by calling me by my brother’s name – she wanted to show she had no favourites, even though I was quietly assured it was me. So with that in mind, I’d like the winning artist to know that it was me who swung the vote in you favour to elevate you above the rest, and I didn’t do it for the poxy National Art gallery pass on offer, but simply because you’re worth it and you’re the best! Yes, really!

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