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Maggot Thatcher (1997) by Steve Cassar08 APRIL 2013 – SO IT’S OVER. Former PM Margaret Thatcher is no more…and while there is no dancing in the streets (yet), the rejoicing coming from some quarters seems rather macabre. Yet the impact and influence her years in power have had on Britain as a whole has changed the face of British society forever – there’s no getting away from that. Love her or loathe her, Maggie’s memory lives on.
Thatcher Thatcher ‘the milk snatcher’, Thatcher who took Britain to war with Argentina over the Falklands and Thatcher the first lady Prime Minister this fair country has ever known is dead. Both Steve Cassar and Nicholas Baldion presented their immortalised opinion of the once Iron Lady on canvas in last week’s three-day ART & PROTEST exhibition. All images can be found on the GGL catalogue.
Cassar who lived through the back-end of Thatcher’s years at the helm of British Government writes: “She privatised national industries, wrecked the NHS, re-erected class barriers, abolished student grants, hounded the unions, put the miners under siege and re-introduced the Poll tax.” His offering entitled Maggot Thatcher created in 1997 sums up his views as an artist as suggests does not hide his political opinions.
Elsewhere, modern-day Marxist, Nicholas Baldion presented the late Prime Minister at the centre of the Miners’ Strike of the mid-eighties, presenting four 10 x 10cm mini-Maggies each offering a different take on the women who is widely suggested to have single-handedly brought about a wholesale Trade’s Union rethink…
Wouldn’t want to suggest our artists can foresee the future but of the all the world-leaders featured at ART & PROTEST it’s kind of poetic that Maggie featured most prominently.

Nuff said.

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