MAGGIE AND THE MINERS: Is it treason to party?

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MAGG 10 APRIL 2013 - Just woke up to street parties gone wild in Bristol where locals ran amok in the wake of the announcement of the passing of the Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher, at the London Ritz Hotel. IRON LADY? RUST IN PEACE was some of the graffiti daubed on walls around the country but elsewhere people mourned. At Guerilla Galleries we can’t say we pre-empted her passing, but we did have five interpretations of the old girl adorning our walls – for one reason or another – during last week’s ART & PROTEST exhibition. Nicholas Baldion‘s offering, 4 x 10x10cm portraits were included in his COAL installation which paid homage to the Miners’ Strike of 1984-85 at the Daniel Libeskind Space in Islington.
Like it? Buy it. They’re only just available…but like her reign it’s for a limited time only.


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