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Guerilla Galleries offer 15% and more off all its works up until 14 February 201523 January 2015 – YES it is Guerilla Galleries’ first ever ‘everything must go’ sale. In addition to the massive 15% discount on all catalogued works there is also an online auction where prices start at £10.00 and ‘BUY-IT-NOW’ prices are discounted to 50%.


Conventional galleries may not admit it, but artists want to see their work on your walls as much as we galleries do and price isn’t always the issue. With more than 500 original artworks available via our catalogue now is a very good time to grab some art – whether for investment – or decorative purposes.
Gallery director Tony Andre said: “I’ve got 500 pieces of great work from some really spirited quality artists, we’ve tried to play the game and go gently, but the truth is all the work we showcase shoots from the hip – you’re missing out if you don’t get in on the action.
“I don’t care if I sound like Delboy or a market trader, but this stuffy artworld needs a breath of fresh air and these artists are it.”


Emerging artist is an overused term in the industry, and the truth is you’ll never know how much of an ‘emerging artist’ your potential buy is or was unless you well and truly take a punt. In and amongst our offerings are national award-winners, Portrait Artists of the Year finalists, a few international re-sales and some top top sells well worth their weight in pounds at half the listed price.


If you can’t figure out our online buying process, e-mail or call us and we’ll do it for or with you during office hours.

There really is no better time get your hands on work, than right now.

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