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IMG_164623 SEPT 2014 – I’m not saying it’s good to see TESCO in crisis, but I’m not feeling too bad about seeing them hurting and prices coming down, albeit share prices. If you’ve ever been a student or broke-like-a-joke you’ll know what I mean.
Over the years they have in my opinion squeezed the juice out of us pips, pioneered data-mining via their Clubcard loyalty scheme and used the power of being ever-present to tighten their grip on customers. Oh and let’s not mentioned someone misleading the stock market. It’s about time they got theirs.
TESCO used to have a blue band budget range, which over the years went they freshened moving away from the miserable two-colour labelling, which on glancing into your basket trumpeted you are a pov*.
BUT imagine living in a deprived area of the country – and we know a few – try stocking up on your TESCO budget beans, bread and eggs and you’ll have difficulty.
I asked a store manager once why there wasn’t a healthy selection of budget items in stock, or more own-brand food and the reply was that more expensive premium brands took priority in smaller stores regardless of where they are situated.
The artist Gee Street Higgins created these shopping bags in protest back in 2012 and they’re so true. By being almost omnipresent TESCO has to a greater extent put the screws on local corner shops and street markets, and it’s ordinary people who have been impacted most.
So to be chuffed that TESCO are taking a little kicking right now can’t be wrong.

*Northern slang for being poor

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