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Guerilla Galleries presents FORBIDDEN20 November 2014 – Discussing and disecting FORBIDDEN whips up a wave of odd feelings – the exhibition will really test how liberal we really are. Coming up with a solid societel themes have never been a problem, but how they are explored could or should be. After all, good art should create numerous talking points.
Most people rightly claim to be ‘good’ – whatever that means. Not breaking the law perhaps, holding few or no prejudices, exercising tollerance, paitence, respecting others and their opinions could sit snuggly under each other on a list quailty attributes ‘good’ people do.

But it’s not what you don’t do that’s the theme of the exhibition, but the why you don’t that comes under scruitiny along with our attitude towards those that do or have done the unmentionables – whatever they are.
The advent of wi-fi and mobile internet allows us to be shocked on the go, wherever and whenever. Hopefully the real shock will come when we all realise how prudish we all really are.

Guerilla Galleries presents: FORBIDDEN
Tuesday 6th to Thursday 8th January 2015
The Daniel Libeskind Space
London, N7 8DB

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