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RandomActsFACEBOOK17 JULY 2013 – Guerilla Galleries Big Art show is not as random as it seems but will be its biggest show ever.
The randomness – by intent – will come from its policy of organic curation which sees the gallery allow the artists freedom to hang ‘with consideration’ anywhere within the space.
But the gloves are finally coming off and the Guerillas will be dispensing with all the pomp, ceremony, airs & graces to give its artists free reign to pile it high with no limitation on volume of work displayed – it is after all an artist-led gallery.
The move comes amidst a slight change to its published schedule as the 10,000 sq. ft. Daniel Libeskind Space was to have played host to the much awaited art and illustration show Comic Book Heroes, Villains and Fantasy in a summer where the superhero is definitely in the ascendency.
Now the iconic stainless steel clad building that is the Libeskind Space will play host to what could be an artists free-for-all or maybe the three-day celebration of original contemporary art the Guerillas are intent on.
Director of production Keeley Wynn said: “There are no limitations we won’t restrict or limit our artists – freedom of expression in regards to creativity should mean just that. All we’re asking is that audience braces themselves and brings some dosh to relieve our artists of some of their work and keep the art revolution going.”
Guerilla Galleries are not denying that they will be opening up and turning out its Shoreditch art vault which features nudes, abstract work, street art and protest art in abundance, but remain confident the audience will be pleasantly surprised. She added: “This is our ‘coming out’ show – anything goes – it is the artist’s right and the audiences’ right to be surprised.”

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