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Facebook-Profile-Page0202 APR 2014 – CAN YOU BE  yourself and lose control at the same time? Use you face , body and camera to communicate and reveal your hidden and secret self. Be brave and dare to show who you really are. This is the ultimate, 100% real and genuine true self – the ABSOLUTE SELFIE. Liberate yourself from emotions and share your joy or sadness, your love or anger, or simply show your mood of the day. Take a risk and dare to be different.


Parmigianino_Self portraitYour selfie will form part of the show Urban Life which aims to celebrate how we live today…it will be displayed side-by-side with others doing exactly the same thing – but will yours cut the mustard in the truth and honesty stakes? The show will be held at the Libeskind Space from the 23rd until the 25th of April 2014 and feature equally revealingly honest work from some of the country’s leading new and emerging artist.


If you can forget the Oscars, and a whole 15 months where selfies have been presented front and centre, let us ask you a question. Have you  ever used your bathroom mirror for your narcissistic contemplation? Made strange faces? performed with a hairbrush or comb to an audience of one? Donned the heavy ‘this is my night’ make-up and posing for your new profile picture? Have you taken a cheeky selfie for the sole purpose of getting as many ‘likes’ as possible? Did you get the recognition, support, reaction and interaction you wanted? Was it self-expression or  attention seeking? Were you selling that best version of yourself? Were you smiling, showing-off your sense of style, hot steamy sexiness? Pouting and proud to be yourself simply displaying your brand and advertising all that is best in your personal universe.


While some may say, this way of self-promotion, which shows the best part of oneself (a distorted part in which we always appear happy and positive), has its roots in classic art and the self-portraits of old.“Self-portrait in a convex mirror” (above) by Renaissance artist Parmigianino is an example: the artist used a convex mirror to realise this painting with the result of having a distorted but more interesting (more sexy?) self-image. If it’s good enough for the oldies don’t be shy… show us your true self by inboxing us a selfie now.

Words by: Liana Bortolozzo


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