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ArtIsTrash18 JUNE 2013 – Only in Shoreditch would people be forming orderly queues to take pictures of  hipster garbage lying by the side of the road – and it’s hardly surprising. In this town it has been said art is anything you can get away with.
Actually it was the theorist Marshall McLuhan who said it, and artists and their acolytes this side of town have been dinning out on it for almost two decades.

Come to think of it Damien Hirst and Tracey Emin were churning stuff out from gaffs not too far away from this heap of creative material not too long ago, and heck, art bible frieze Magazine was first published within spitting distance here – Ironmonger Row EC1V, which is almost Shoreditch.

So, the next time you see and an ordered sequenced line of black sacks spewing last nights noodles, a soiled mattress with pillow and bedsheets strewn across it or a hipster squatting in a dank doorway head angled heavenly and a bottle of Japanese beer juxtaposed in the crack just slightly below the top of his low-riding skinny jeans, ask yourself: WHAT IS ART? Or better still, what isn’t.
To see the above piece before it is snaffled into the collection of Hackney Council‘s art connoisseurs, pop along to Kingsland Road, Shoreditch, London E2….today!

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