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GoodAsGold23 SEPT 2013 – There’s a fine line between vandalism, graffiti and decorative art – well at least I think there is. That this piece of ‘art’, which now adorns the brilliantly whitened walls of a luxury bolthole in Hoxton, is any of the above is one for the jury. We laughed out-loud, when we saw it.


We’re not authorities on good, bad or acceptable street art, but we do have a penchant for work that makes us laugh. That this wall on the side of a half-dozen luxury flats (I’m making this part up) in the middle of Hoxton’s only just marginally affordable art studio district had remained white for so long was amazing. That when it was ‘gotten’ it was ‘got’ with this cheeky work of a mutt taking a hot steaming pooh has to say something about something – if not just the area.


The beauty of art is in certain respects trying to figure out what the artist is saying – if of course you could be bothered. The rest of it is just about enjoying the moment. Hot steaming pooh in Shoreditch isn’t a sight you see very often, as the dogs do it the designer bags their hipster owners carry them around in. But were they to be allowed to do it on the streets I bet they’d frick’n shine!  You know what I’m saying!

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